Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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Integrated Cross-sectoral Plan for the Coast

The integrated cross-sectorial plan will be the constitution of the coastal region development, which will promote a sustainable economic development, social integrity and protection of the nature assets for the next 15 years. Coastal areas are a national asset and as such, these areas are not only subject of interest for the landlords or inhabitants of these regions but also are subject of interest for all Albanians.

This coastal space needs to be studied and treated as:

• binomial land-sea important national asset and integral part of the Mediterranean network;

• well-managed space, where the needs for economic development and the local ones, are harmonized with the necessity of protecting cultural, natural and historical assets;

• authentic destination, diverse and clean.

The Integrated Cross-Sectorial Plan for the Coast gives the required development vision for the coastline. This plan directs sectorial developments that have national importance in the areas of tourism, environment, transport, energy, agriculture, culture, etc., and also the urban development in the territories administered by municipalities.

This plan also aims to create a better relationship between the requests for private investments and the sustainable territorial development, in protecting and safeguarding the historical, cultural heritage, the protected nature areas, and in the same time in preventing certain investments in areas that are considered as being dangerous for the life, nature and environment.

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