Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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The Law “On power sector” aims to guarantee a reliable and safe electricity supply to customers through the establishment of an operational and competitive power market, taking into consideration the customers interests, the security and quality of the electricity supply service and the requirements for environmental protection. .

The Law “On energy performance of buildings” aims to establish the legal framework for improving the energy performance of buildings, taking into account the climatic and local conditions of the country, the indoor comfort conditions of buildings and the effective costs.

The Law “On energy efficiency” regulates the relations between state authorities and natural and/or legal persons, both public and private, which exercise activities in residential, services, industry, transport and agriculture sectors, as well as in all other sectors of the economy, with the aim of promoting the efficient use of energy and developing a market for energy-related services.

When drafting energy efficiency policies and programs, the characteristics of each region of the country and their perspectives for a sustainable economic development shall be taken into consideration.

The Law “On renewable energy sources” aims, inter alia:

1. to assist the efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development in the Republic of Albania.

2. to ensure the sustainable development of the country by promoting the use of technologies and innovations for the generation of electricity and heat from renewable energy sources

3. to reduce the import of fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment in compliance with the international commitments of the Republic of Albania under the relevant international treaties or agreements on energy

4. to promote rural development and the development of isolated areas by improving their supply with energy