Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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The Law “On Protected Areas” has as its object the promulgation, conservation, administration, management, sustainable use of protected environmental areas and their natural and biological resources, based on the principle of sustainable development.

In relation to the field of territorial planning and development, the purpose of this law is to determine the basic rules, criteria, and procedures for the designation of protected areas in certain parts of the planning documents for the respective areas as well as their degree of conservation / protection and the exercise of construction activities in reference to Section IV of the Law.

The Law “On Strategic Environmental Assessment” stipulates inter alia that: the drafting of the national and local plans for urban and rural planning, including the protection of the landscape, and land use planning undergoes the strategic environmental assessment process.

Moreover, this module provides definitions and rules of the applicable legislation on environmental protection, environmental permits, environmental impact assessment, forest and pasture fund, integrated water resource management, etc., on those issues that intertwine with the field of territorial planning and development.