Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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Public Lectures

Atelier Albania's mission to draft the transformation process of Albania's territory is not focused only on the established projects. Through close cooperation between local experts, foreign experts as well as interest groups, projects have been achieved at national and local level. The projects are divided into three main groups in order to match specific types of projects with the most sophisticated tools and procedures. They are: open calls, pilot projects and laboratories. Open calls (contests) are individual projects initiated by public or private parties, which are processed in AA for their strategic significance. Pilot projects are projects initiated by Atelier Albania with specific topics such as housing, education, informality, infrastructure, landscape, heritage, water capital, etc. Laboratories (research / planning work) are comprehensive action plans for core strategic areas within the territory where each of them consists of several sub projects.

The goal of Atelier Albania is not only cooperation with experts but also close cooperation with local residents, where the territory they live is being planned. Public awareness of spatial, territorial and urban development in Albania, giving the opportunity to participate in such decision-making is of high priority. One way to achieve this goal is through educating the public.

Atelier Albania has organized and continues to organize various awareness-raising projects on the planning process and every topic that is derived from it. The organization of public lectures is seen with high interest, not only by us, but also by young experts, people of different age groups and different professions. An indication of the high public participation in previous lectures. Public lectures are organized in close cooperation, not only with local, but also foreign experts, in various planning areas. Co-operation with foreign experts helps in exchanging different experiences as well as in expanding the mindset to find solutions to the many problems that the Albanian territory planning process confronts every day.