Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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DPANI Karavasta-Seman

The need for the elaboration of the Detailed Plan for the Area of National Importance between the Karavasta Lagoon and the Seman River comes as a direct consequence of the Strategic Investment Committee (SIC) decisions to approve a number of investments affecting the Divjake National Park Protected Area -Karavasta and the Coastal Belt.

The DPANI drafting between the Karavasta Lagoon and the Seman River constitutes a legal obligation under the provisions of Law 107/2014 "On Territorial Planning and Development", as amended, and DCM no. 686 of 22.11.2017 "On the approval of the Territorial Planning Regulation", Article 32 of which states that: The development of areas of national importance in accordance with the constraints of sectoral legislation is carried out through construction permits in territories with predetermined development conditions as a result of territorial planning processes; When development is proposed in unskilled areas, the relevant territory part of the area of national importance must be subject to a detailed and specific planning.

This planning process is carried out through the elaboration of the Detailed Plan of the Area of National Importance. The designation of the DPANI for the territory between Karavasta and Seman is also provided by the Municipal General Plan of the Divjaka Municipality, approved by the National Territorial Council Decision no. 9, dated 08.02.2017, where most of the territory of strategic investment is approved.

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