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SPEEDY, Shared Project for Environmental Evaluation with DYnamic governance


The overall objective of SPEEDY has been to favor cross-border cooperation between public administrations aimed at developing and implementing an efficient Environmental Assessment process in the Adriatic area. This goal fits very well with CC/CCPs' efforts to transpose the EU acquis in order to align their legislation and policies with European standards in the field of environment.

The synergistic action between different coastal countries is related to the consideration that common environmental problems can only be solved through coordinated interventions and knowledge sharing rather than acting in limited territories. Increased use of electronic communications provides opportunities for achieving this goal in direct ways through the establishment of an international forum.

It will give all beneficiaries the opportunity to engage in lively debate in some of the most popular impact assessment areas. In detail, the above objective will be achieved through the development of an SEA website in order to promote, expand knowledge and exchange information about SEA. Thanks to this website each beneficiary will have the opportunity to train and receive information on online events, legislation and procedures in order to participate directly in most of the critical issues of SEA.

The SEA website will be an effective tool to facilitate cross-border consultations on international plans and programs under the SEA Directive, such as the Cross-Border Program 2014-2020. The preparation of some common and useful recommendations to modify and update the European SEA Directives is another key project specific objective. Another objective of the SEA website is to create a useful tool that allows European Public Institutions to contribute to the debate on procedural weaknesses for SEA.