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Integrated Cross-sectoral Plan for Tirane-Durres Area

The Albanian Government and the National Spatial Plan have identified the Tiranë-Durrës area, as one of the most important economic areas of the country, and of the Balkan region. To ensure a sustainable territorial and urban development of this area, the Ministry of Urban Development in cooperation with the National Territorial Planning Agency has taken the initiative to draft a Cross-sectoral Integrated Plan for the economic area Tiranë – Durrës. The metropolitan region under study includes territories administered by 5 municipalities: Tiranë, Durrës, Vorë, Shijak, Kamëz.


  1. Return to a sustainable model for regional development.
  2. Help meet the aspirations and achievements of future generations, youth, and families.
  3. Consolidate and regenerate urban and rural areas.
  4. Strengthen and promote regional economic networks.
  5. Develop infrastructure and promote regional sustainable mobility.


The Tirane-Durres economic region, a leader economy competing at international level, as an important economic and political space, which manages to compete with other metropolitan regions by attracting headquarters of programs and international institutions based on innovative investments, which promote creative businesses based on knowledge and promote a higher level of education and professional skills. A region with a high quality of life that promotes and respects the healthy living styles, access to quality health services, and the development of sustainable communities. One of the most important economic areas of the Western Balkans, of high prosperity and driven by significant changes in employment and competitive infrastructure, where mobility and access to local, national, and international levels are appropriate to the needs and demands of the residents and businesses thanks to transportation solutions, which link communities with employment opportunities and local services, control and reduce traffic, and improve strategic ties, by rail, sea, and air. A region that values the historical and cultural past, which competes metropolises of the Western Balkans, turning Tiranë-Durrës in an attractive environment to local and international talent, of a creative labor force, which is compatible with and preserves the high economic diversity characterizing the region.

Within the fulfillment of the vision are defined four key strategic objectives:

  1. The sustainable economic development
  2. Improvement of the quality of life in urban/ rural areas
  3. Improvement of infrastructure, transport and mobility in the region
  4. Protection and improvement of the natural environment quality
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