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Integrated Cross-sectoral Plan for the Coast

The integrated coastal plan is a strategic document which aims to develop a balanced, controlled, and sustainable coastal area. This strategic document for the next 15 years aims at addressing the coastal space as a well-integrated territory of both the interior territory and the maritime space. It aims at the creation of an integrated and interrelated system of the tourism, culture, agriculture and nature sectors. Diversification of the touristic package of the coast, which will also lead to the extension of the tourist season, while turning the country into an attractive destination.


  1. To ensure sustainable development of the coastal space that meets the needs of generations to social equity, economic development, and environmental protection.
  2. To harmonize public, private, national and local interest;
  3. To orient development on the coast, while preserving its values.
  4. To convert the coast in a shared space that everyone can enjoy.
  5. To fairly and equally spred the services in the coastal space.
  6. To use an integrated system that attempts to balance and harmonize the development sectors.


The Coastal Plan expresses a clear, measurable, and achievable vision: The coast as a national and important binomial sea-land asset and an integrated part of the Mediterranean network. A well-managed space where the needs for economic development and the local needs are harmonized with the necessity to protect the cultural, natural, and historical assets. An authentic, diverse, and clean destination. The plan expresses directly the need of the coastal area to be integrated within the Mediterranean network; it sets a significant emphasis on protecting assets by managing the diversity that the Albanian coast offers, and by interconnecting them, it also aims at preserving the authentic traditional and local character, and the cleanliness of this area as an opportunity to turn it into a unique destination.

Strategic Guidelines

  1. Preserving the identity of the coastal zone,
  2. Managing and storing the natural and cultural resources along this area,
  3. Interconnecting the coastal area with the interior of the territory to deliver diversified tourism (from the coast to the mountains),
  4. It orients the new development in harmony and coordinated with existing developments, while preserving the traditional architecture,
  5. It also recommends promotion as an efficient instrument for the attraction and development of not only tourism, but also of other sectors. 
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