Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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Construction Inspection

The object of the Law “On Inspection and Protection of the Territory from Illegal Constructions” is to designate bodies for inspection and protection of the territory from illegal constructions and their responsibilities.

This Law, in relation to the field of territorial planning and development, defines inter alia that:

- NITP exercises its responsibilities at the local level directly and without any restrictions on constructions/works related to issues, areas or objects of national and territorial importance;

- NITP, on exercising the right to appeal to a court on a construction permit approved in contravention of the law and/or planning documents in force, coordinates the work with relevant responsible territorial planning authorities at the central level;

- NITP controls the implementation of legal provisions in the field of integrated water resource management and takes appropriate measures, according to the respective legal provisions in force;