Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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Request for public information

  1. Everyone has the right to know the public information without being obliged to explain the motives.
  2. Everyone has the right to get to know the public information, through the original document or by obtaining a copy of it in the form or format that enables full access to the content of the document.
  3. The request for information should be written and sent manually, by mail or by electronic mail, accurately presenting the applicant's identity and signature.
  4. The request for information should include: (name and surname of the applicant, the postal or electronic address where the information is required to be sent, the description of the information required, the format in which the information is preferred).
  5. Any information the applicant considers may help to identify the information requested.
  6. Any person, when considering that the rights provided by this law have been violated, has the right to appeal in an administrative manner to the Commissioner for the Right of Information and Protection of Personal Data in accordance with this Law and the Code of Administrative Procedures.
  7. The administrative appeal to the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data is done within 30 working days from the day when: the complainant has received notice of refusal of information; the deadline foreseen in this law for the provision of information has expired.
  8. The request for information is handled by the National Territorial Planning Agency as soon as possible, but no later than 10 working days from the day of its submission, unless the special law provides otherwise.
  9. When the request is unclear with regard to its content and nature, the NTPA immediately contacts the person to make the necessary clarifications, but always no later than 48 hours from the date of submission of the request.
  10. If after the review of the request the public authority ascertains that it does not possess the requested information, it shall, not later than 10 calendar days from the date of submission of the request, send it to the competent authority, informing the applicant as well.
  11. Public administration services are free of charge. 
  12. The provision for information may be made against a previously determined and publicly announced tariff on its website and in the public reception venues.
  13. Citizens regularly registered in social aid schemes as well as beneficiary entities, according to Law No. 10 039, date 22.12.2008, "On Legal Aid", amended, benefit from free information up to a certain number of pages per claim or equivalent value when information is provided in another format.
  14. The right to information is limited only to the cases provided for in Article 17 of Law No.119 / 2014 "On the Right to Information".

Demand Model “Për dhënie të informacionit/dokumentacionit”

Complaint Model “Për dhënie të informacionit/dokumentacionit”