Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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Detailed Plans for Areas of National Importance, DPANI

Issues, areas and objects of national importance in territorial planning are subject to national planning, they are characterized by specific cultural, historical, economic, social or environmental values of one or more structures, installations, networks or areas, directly aimed at the realization of national interests in parts of the territory, such as:

a) cultural monuments, historical sites, archaeological sites and parks,

b) forests and protected natural areas, natural monuments, ecological networks, endangered ecosystems and biodiversity,

c) Coastal belt, shores and water springs, lagoons, rivers, lakes,

d) agricultural land,

e) areas with natural hazards,

f) dams,

g) mineral and natural resources and networks, industrial complexes and parks,

h) national transport infrastructure,

i) energy and telecommunication engineering infrastructure,

j) priority areas for tourism development,

k) military areas,

l) Educational, health, social, cultural and artistic developments or sports structures which, because of their characteristics, are important for carrying out the activity of state institutions, as defined by law;

Issues, areas and facilities of national importance include those proclaimed by the Council of Ministers' Decision and the National Territorial Council, according to sectiorial legislation in force, on environment, culture, economy, tourism, infrastructure, urban planning / urban development.

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