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Integrated Cross-sectoral Plan for Tirane-Durres Area

The General National Plan has identified Tirana-Durres area as one of the most important economic areas in the country and in the Balkan region. To ensure a sustainable territorial and urban development of the area, the Ministry of Urban Development in cooperation with the National Territorial Planning Agency undertook the initiative to draft the Integrated Cross-sectorial Plan of the economic area Tirana-Durres. Based on the complex features shown by the urban economy and the territorial morphology, and taking into account the numerous issues and actions to be harmonized within it, the plan has been defined as a cross-sectorial and integrated one.

ICSP Tirana-Durres comes as a response to the territorial socio-economic development in the last 25 years and serves as a guideline for the economic, social and environmental development of the region, by boosting the economy and improving the environment.

The ICSP Tirana-Durres aims to guide the development of the territory through a vision that will function as a common denominator for the local government units (LGUs). The plan will also serve as a guide for LGUs for their coordination of local policies, projects and plans, as well as for vertical coordination and cooperation. This plan will be their reference framework during the process of drafting the general local plans, but also strategic projects. The plan is also a guarantee for foreign investors and businesses who have an interest in engaging in the further development of the Tirana-Durres metropolitan area.

The Integrated Cross-sectorial Plan of the economic area Tirana-Durres includes the territory of the following municipalities: Tirana, Durres, Kamza, Vora, Shijak and Kruja.

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