Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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The purpose of the exhibition is to research uncontrolled informal dwellings on the Albanian coast after the collapse of the communist regime in 1991. Illegal and uncontrolled construction activity, which took place during the transition period - due to political instability, the result was the phenomenon of internal migration from rural areas to the coast and major cities of Albania. Buildings, usually located on agricultural land and made with a concrete skeleton, are often unfinished or partially inhabited also due to the economic conditions of the families. Which mainly depend on the help of relatives, emigrated abroad. Failure to complete construction and the special process of occupation of structures has led to a new image of the Albanian landscapes, especially on the seashore. Through the engagement of Italian and Albanian architects will be exhibited a series of worksheets with the vision of the phenomenon, developed on the basis of photographic documentation, to highlight the critical level in which the landscape is located today and to determine the possible design strategies.

EVOKED is a research on the process of individual constructions and their relationship with the landscape. These buildings gain from one side the horizon over the sea, on the other hand an exclusive view over the mountain ranges. Today, unfinished or partially inhabited buildings require a reflection on the pattern of housing and how to stay within the landscape. With a joint research, it is thought to open a confrontation on this topic and to understand the potential of these objects. By observing and absorbing degradation, it is thought to give new environmental and formal dignity. The selected method is that of collecting and exposing the works of 16 Albanian architects and 16 famous Italian architects who face the same object photographed by an Albanian author. The exhibition is configured in the form of a diptych, through which the object being photographed has two different figurative projections.

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