Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit


FAB GALLERY, University of Arts / 22 Feb > 06 Mar, 2016

EVOKED is an exhibition that takes a different look at the informal housing 'flowering' phenomenon, uncontrolled in the Albanian territory since 1991. The unfinished constructions and the unusual way to use the structures still under construction, has produced a characteristic image, which has changed the landscape, especially on the coast.

It seems it's time to focus on these structures, which today occupy a substantial part of the built landscape. It is necessary to reflect on their function and the relationship that these buildings can restore with the landscape.

Starting with 16 photos of Albes Fusha and 32 visions of Albanian and Italian architects, reflected in framed works, we want to encourage an open discussion on the theme of the informal and lived-in landscape while is still under construction, to discover the potential of these structures.

In addition, by exploring the degradation and the degree of landslide deterioration, we aim to give the landscape a new environmental and legal dignity.

Curatorial Team: A. Greca, A. Koçollari, A. B. Menghini, D. Pastore, F. Pashako, G. Resta

Photographer: Albes Fusha

Albanian Architects: A. Baboci, A. Bicoku, B&L Studios, T. Dano, E. Fagu, E. Godo, A. Golemi, A. Koçollari, A. Lufi, K. Merxhani, M. Mitrojorgji, A. Raça, D. Tytymçe, P. Vaso, M. Velo, A. Vokshi

Italian Architects: Ma0, M.Oddo + A.Barracco, C. Baglivo, L. Galofaro, C. Moccia, Ch. Gambardella, B. Servino, D. Vargas, Studio 2A + P/A, FA Fusco, L. Netti, Studio Spacelab, M. Beccu, L. Ruali, M. Ghidoni, Studio OfCA.