The Government of Albania (GoA) and the Albanian Investment Corporation (AIC), in collaboration with the National Territorial Planning Agency (AKPT), are pleased to introduce 2 OPEN CALLS for 2 Dual International Concept Design Competitions, for 2 Public Institution Clusters and 2 Mixed-use Developments - grouped in pairs - representing an INNOVATIVE PUBLIC PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY aimed at energizing cities.

Today, much of the administrative infrastructure is located in amortized buildings on state-owned properties, most of which were constructed with low quality during the twentieth century. Beyond the wear of time, many of these buildings sustained structural damage in the 2019 earthquake. However, these government properties represent assets with substantial economic value.

AIC, established by GoA and set up as a corporation with the public as the intended beneficiary, is tasked with transforming these properties through financial mechanisms to leverage their economic value. In this large-scale effort to rebuild a significant portion of the public administration, AIC will coordinate the transformation process with private-sector developers, who in exchange for the right to develop highly amortized properties will finance the development of several government clusters, providing modern, accessible, and efficient workspaces for numerous government agencies.

This competition seeks to generate proposals to realize this twofold vision of administrative infrastructure upgrading and contemporary mixed-use development. We aim for innovative and forward-thinking designs that harmonize diverse programmatic requirements while remaining flexible enough to accommodate future uses.

Stage 1 - qualification documents and preliminary sketch - 5x2 finalists

Stage 2 - concept design - 1x2 winners

Finalists (5x2) will receive rewards of Euro 40,000

Deadline Stage 1: July 5 (15:00 CET) | Deadline Stage 2: August 26 (15:00 CET)

We encourage all inspired professionals to respond to this challenging call for participation, contributing their expertise to help bring this vision to life in projects soon.

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