Agjensia Kombëtare e Planifikimit të Territorit
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The Law “On legalization, urbanization and integration of illegal constructions”, has the following object:

- the legalization of informal buildings and buildings with permits with informal extensions to them, transfer of ownership of the construction parcel where the illegal building has been built, urbanization of informal areas, blocks and informal buildings, as well as their integration in the territorial and infrastructural development of the country.

This Law, in relation to the field of territorial planning and development, stipulates inter alia:

- the definition of "illegal constructions", the boundary of the area/settlement/block of legalized constructions";

- the procedure followed for the approval of informal areas in the NTC;

- the effects of the decisions of the local planning authorities and the NTC, following the completion of the legalization of the informal constructions/areas;

- the urbanization of areas/settlements with legalized constructions, based on urban studies, at the end of the legalization process;

- legalization of buildings with construction permits by the local planning authority or NTC, to which side or vertical extensions have been made, beyond the construction permit.